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"The Michigan adoption scheme expresses a policy of severing, at law, the prior, natural family relationships and creating a new and complete substitute relationship after adoption."
Bikos v. Noblinski, 88 Mich App 157 (1979)

When determining the best interests of the adoptee, Michigan law follows general guidelines to ensure the best possible outcome for the child and all interested parties. The goal of the guidelines is to allow "the sum total of the factors to be considered, evaluated, and determined by the court to be applied to give the adoptee permanence at the earliest possible date." The factors considered are as follows:

  1. The love, affection, and other emotional ties existing between the adopting person or persons or the putative father, and the adoptee.
  2. The capacity and disposition of the adopting person or persons or the putative father to give the adoptee love, affection, and guidance, and to educate and create a milieu that fosters the religion, racial eidentity, and culture of the adoptee.
  3. The capacity and disposition of the adopting person or persons or the putative father to provide the adoptee with food, clothing, education, permanence, medical care or other remedial care recognized and permitted under the laws of this state in place of medical care, and other material needs.
  4. The length of time the adoptee has lived in a stable, satisfactory environment, and the desirability of maintaining continuity.
  5. The permanence as a family unit of the proposed adoptivce home, or the home of the putative father.
  6. The moral fitness of the adopting person or persons or of the putative father.
  7. The mental and physical health of the adolping person or persons or of the putative father, and of the adoptee.
  8. The home, school, and community record of the adoptee.
  9. The reasonable preference fo the adoptee, if the adoptee is 14 years of age or less and if the court deems the adoptee to be of sufficient age to express a preference.
  10. The ability and willingness of the adopting person or persons to adopt the adoptee's siblings.
  11. Any other factor considred by the court to be relevant to a particular adoption proceeding, or to a putative father's request for child custody 

    Excerpted from MCLA 710.22(b), MSA 27.3178(555.22)[b]