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Our Personal Injury Specialist:

Michael Hettinger

Attorney at Law

Registered Nurse

Registered Patent Attorney



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The personal injury lawyers at Hettinger & Hettinger, P.C. understand your injuries better than the vast majority of attorneys. Michael Hettinger is a Registered Nurse and a Registered Respiratory Therapist. He is available seven days a week to discuss medical records and medical issues with any of our injury and disability attorneys. Our personal injury attorneys are devoted to helping you recover fully from your loss. Of course, this means continuously fighting for you to recover the maximum amount of damages available under the law. But it's not just about money. We know the personal side of your loss. Whether it means referring you to the best medical experts available to handle your health problems, or structuring your damage settlements to ensure the financial viability of you and your family, we stay personally involved with every client from the moment of first contact until the case is settled, fighting for you every step of the way.

The personal injury attorneys at Hettinger & Hettinger, P.C. are proud to leave no stone unturned in order to present a successful winning presentation of our clients personal injury claims. We have the financial resources to take on any defendant. Our special approach to handling cases enables our attorneys to monitor, update and deal with every issue to win for our clients. All of our personal injury attorneys are highly experienced and passionate about being a personal injury lawyer.

We are proud of our firm's leadership in pursuing personal injury claims. Remember, when a serious personal injury happens, the effects can be devastating and long-lasting. It is therefore of vital importance to obtain the best legal advice possible. Don't settle for less than you deserve.