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Moving to America on a permanent basis, or even just visiting temporarily for business or pleasure, can be a difficult procedure. It can be a lengthy and confusing process, made all the worse by the events of the past year. It is estimated that thousands and thousands of people visit or immigrate to the United States each year, and millions who are waiting to move here permanently. Understanding how the system works and which visa to go for can simplify and speed up the process. The attorneys at Hettinger & Hettinger P.C., understand the process, and are here to help you.

There are two basic ways to come to the United States; to visit and to live. To visit the U.S. requires a lesser process than that required moving here permanently. To visit, you need to acquire a non-immigrant visa before coming to the United States. If your interest is in permanent residence, you must not only acquire a visa, but also a green card from the U.S. government.

A further goal as an immigrant is to become a full U.S. citizen, with all the rights that come with it. Citizenship allows you to stay in the country, vote, and also to pass the citizenship onto your children. Citizenship is the highest for of immigration, transferring you from an immigrant to a U.S. citizen as if you were born as one. However, becoming a citizen is also the most difficult procedure, with more safeguards than just a visa or green card. On top of many other requirements, an immigrant must be a resident of this country for a certain number of years, or have specified relatives who are already citizens.

The process for any of these items is not guaranteed. The ability to move to the United States for any reason is not viewed as a right, but as a privilege. The complexity of the process may force you to come into contact with several governmental agencies, any of which may provide insurmountable difficulties to a person who does not fully understand the process.

If you or someone you know is dealing with immigration issues, feel free to call for a free consultation and allow Hettinger & Hettinger P.C., to clear the path.