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Although there are many aspects to real estate law, residential purchases and sales compose the bulk of the consumer segment. These transactions are sometimes made with no outside help except for the assistance of a real estate broker who has listed and sold the property. People have the common misconception that, since they know so many other people who have entered into real estate transactions, that any other outside help from attorneys or inspectors is unnecessary. However, the real estate attorneys and inspectors can assure the integrity of the transaction, and may prevent much larger trouble down the road. While the residential real estate industry is based on the good faith of the parties, insurance companies, and lending institutions, this is often not enough to protect buyers and sellers sufficiently.

In the field of residential real estate transactions there are a number of variances. The purchase of a rental property are subject to intricate tax and investment rules, made more complicated if the property is only rented out during a portion of the year. A condominium purchase on the other hand, requires a complex transaction involving a complex set of documents of several hundred pages. In addition, in whatever area of consumer real estate, the financing creates another hurdle, especially with the large number of mortgage opportunities available. As a result of the complexity, the marketplace can be filled with dangers for the uninformed buyer or seller who believes that the transaction is common and uncomplicated, when it is in fact just the opposite.

A attorney's at Hettinger & Hettinger P.C., can be of the most assistance to you at the very beginning of the process, as they will be able to provide expert guidance at every step, increasing the assurance of a secure deal. However, assistance can be provided beginning at any stage necessary. The difficulty increases as time passes, but up to and beyond actual closing of the deal, an attorney could provide invaluable assistance.

With expert guidance, beyond that of a real estate broker, a client can feel much safer and secure in the knowledge that such a large process as buying or selling residential real estate will be handled properly.